Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Myself & my work

  • My passion for Graphic Design has grown throughout my life and my interest in the subject has expanded through the availability of resources that have been accessible, allowing my style and skills to develop. Below are a range of examples of my work from various projects given to me throughout my time at college. I have learnt numerous amounts of techniques in order to help me achieve the final product which has, in turn, given my artwork a personal touch. The work showcased within the blog displays a range of typography, photography and digital design linked to a range of artists including, Barbara Kruger, Saul Bass, Tim Marrs and David Carson. I used these artists as inspiration to create my work by combining a mixture of my own style along with similar techniques used by themselves to broaden my knowledge of what is common within each area of Graphic Design. I find that by researching into many artists' work, certain aspects of each designer can be applied towards my own, which allows me to include essential elements that impact upon the viewer and separate it from others. 
  •  I enjoy using various media including inks, emulsion printing and acetate printing in order to experiment and develop different themes within my work by gaining a selection of work that displays contrasting styles. I feel that the course I have applied for will enable me to expand upon my current knowledge and ability therefore preparing me for industry. I believe that this particular course will equip me with essential guidance into a professional environment and allow my passion of Graphic Design to thrive off the chance at working towards deadlines that will see my work flourish.

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